What Technologies Improved IoT in 2019?

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As Gartner predicts, by 2020 there will be 20.6 billion connected devices, compared with just 8.4 billion in 2017. Some key enablers to expansion and development of Internet of Things are:

  1. Big Data… they help IoT developers to unveil the full potential of IoT platform;
  2. Artificial Intelligence… it analyzes all generated data from IoT and may suggest possible responses, replicating human intelligence processes such as learning, reasoning and self-correction;
  3. Edge computing… it allows the Internet of Things system to be less vulnerable to outages and keeps sensitive information on the IoT device rather than sending it to the centralized cloud;
  4. 5G… it will allow increased data-transfer speeds, minimized latencies, and high network reliability, all crucial to meet the growing Internet of Things requirements

There will be more tech to come that will make the IoT experience even more seamless, accessible and profound.