The Top RPA&AI Contributors by RPA ITALY

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We are glad to share the following list of top #RPA and #AI#Contributors in the entire RPA ecosystem, as a result of our internal survey.

The following experts are sorted by alphabetical order:
✔️ Ian Barkin, for his podcast OneTake and coordination of digital innovation
✔️ Pascal BORNET, for his broad experience and competencies in digital transformation
✔️ Emily Bristow, for her support in promoting and building extended digital workforces
✔️ Phil Fersht, for his articles and writings on disruptive digital business models
✔️ Pat Geary, for being the inventor of RPA acronymous
✔️ Rob King, for his book “The Digital Workforce” and smart approach to RPA
✔️ Jason Kingdon, for constantly contributing to the growth of RPA ecosystem
✔️ Guy Kirkwood, for his clear and transparent insights on RPA mission and evolution
✔️ Boris Krumrey, for his great innovations in the RPA design
✔️ Vincenzo Marchica, for his recent book “RPA for everyone” and actively spreading RPA
✔️ Luca Proietto, for promoting and boosting RPA & AI into big organizations

Our President Luca Porcari is honoured to also mention here Sophie RawlinsXina Seaton and Cari Williams, the Co-founders of Women in RPA.