RPA journey has yet to start in multiple sectors and regions: don’t minimize RPA impact yet!

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In the last months there have been some rumors that RPA is going to be replaced by Integrated Automation which is the most promising and best path to fully transform the way to make business, curing and covering entire end-to-end processes of whatever complexity or so, embedding additional Artificial Intelligence benefits.

Nevertheless an extensive use of RPA can surely address multiple and complex tasks and still remains a winning path for replacing a full set of processes, granting at same time more Efficiency, Accuracy and Speed. Still RPA is fully beneficial and at same time it is the ideal enabler, like the easiest starting point, to stimulate all RPA vendors to go beyond and think big, by applying new tools and technologies, more sophisticated enterprise software products and advanced services.

Around the World, companies and government departments are moving beyond mere digitalisation and are adopting robotic process automation (RPA). A 2017 RPA survey by Deloitte revealed 53% of respondents had started their RPA journey. This number is expected to increase to 72% by 2020.

In February this year, the European Parliament issued a comprehensive policy on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, acknowledging the important role these technologies are expected to play going forward.

So, surely RPA acts as the gate to new and more exciting technologies, that RPA ITALY aims to monitor and track properly. Finally, still RPA is the easiest way, available today and tomorrow, to grant very good results in reasonably short/medium term. The potential benefits of RPA are huge, at least only looking at the cultural change that we are facing because of it.

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