RPA & AI National Congress 2019

Ready to become more creative, efficient and innovative

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2 locations

Milan, Rome

300 attendees

170 in Milan, 130 in Rome

42 speakers

32 in Milan, 28 in Rome

7 sponsors

7 in Milan, 4 in Rome

The Association RPA ITALY has organized the 2nd Annual National Congress on Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence. The Congress has been held in Milan on September 24 and replicated in Rome on September 27.

Main purpose of the Congress was to:

  • explain why RPA and AI are so important towards the Industry 4.0;
  • advise actual status of RPA developments in Italy;
  • share success cases of RPA applied to important Italian Enterprises;
  • lead in-depth analysis about legal and educational impacts of RPA and AI technologies;
  • arrange panel discussions aiming to better understand how RPA and AI are changing the concept of work and human labor.

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