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From theory to practice

Milan TBD

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The Association RPA ITALY is organizing on 2020 the new Congress on RPA & AI, that will be held in three different locations to confirm the solid presence of the Association in Italy and to engage great experts coming from different regions.

Main targets of this triple event are:

  • being updated of the status of processes, products and services conceived to bring innovation in the RPA & AI business;
  • gathering more points of view and status of art from innovative and reputed experts and organizations, ready to support this epic change;
  • experiencing interactive sessions and workshops designed to facilitate the change and pick some key advantages for the business.

To support this mission, we will collect and offer a solid group of experts, speakers and entrapreneurs who are building or executing innovative projects, leveraging actual status of art and most promising technologies.

It will be an event also aimed to find new approaches, insights, ideas, business opportunities and partnerships to embrace the digital transformation led by the potentials of AI. To this purpose there will be key notes, panels, workshops and networking moments. to enter in contact with key actors in this field.

In this Congress we will specifically analyze the following topics:

  • Actual status of art of RPA & AI in our daily life and habits;
  • Tools and levers that are making such technologies become the most promising business opportunities for an efficient digital transformation, by investigating both short and long term actions;
  • Potential new business sectors that may further get benefits in the near future;
  • Proper path to build the «trust» during this epocal change;
  • Key steps to move forward, supported by specific interactive moments.


MEDIA PARTNERS (work in progress)

SPONSORS (work in progress)

Vincix Group

SPEAKERS (work in progress)

Alessandro Ardesi

Chief Executive Officer of Danieli Automation SPA

With an Electronic Engineering Degree from Politecnico di Milano, skilled in Optical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Manufacturing, Project Coordination, and Project Management, in 2005 Alessandro got the lead of the R&D team dedicated to the design of special sensors at Danieli Automation S.p.a., then in 2011 he obtained an Executive MBA for the steel industry at MIP and became Director of the Instrumentation & Robotics Business Unit of Danieli Automation from 2013 to 2016, then he has been nominated COO. Since 2019 he is CEO of the Company.

Marco Armoni

Cybersecurity expert and Head of AI research at Tennessee University

Graduated in Telecommunication Engineering at MIT in Boston USA, with his first master, the MBA, at the School of Economic in Brussels, and the second master in Management Engineering and Process Control at the British Institute of Engineering in London, after having signed numerous network projects (LAN, MAN, WAN and Wi-Fi) for the major telecommunication providers such as Telecom Italia, Fastweb, BT Global Services, AT&T, Marco has recently focused his work on the Cyber Security. He collaborated with prestigious universities and gives speeches at national and international conventions.

Nicoletta Boldrini

Journalist and Expert of Digital Innovation

Nicoletta, former editor in chief of AI4Business and ZeroUno, Digital360 Group, has a very good knowledge of digital economy and new ICT technologies, used to deal with cloud computing, social business, big data and business analytics, next generation business applications, mobile, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems and Blockchain.

Luca Bolognini

Founder of ICT Legal Consulting

European business data lawyer, President of the Italian Institute for Privacy, Luca serves as an ethics & privacy advisor for EU H2020 projects and as an Expert Coach for EASME. He published studies on data protection and other legal aspects of AI, ePrivacy, GDPR, BigData, cloud, IoT, smart contracts, privacy liability, right to monetize data, freedom of information, right to be forgotten, minors’ data, profiling and pseudonymization for scientific journals and newspapers.

Giovanni Brunoro

Italy Sales Director of Kofax

Giovanni is the Sales Director responsible of the business and the sales team in Italy of Kofax, global provider of a unified software platform aimed at simplifying and automating business, in order to work today like the digitally transformed organization of tomorrow. Prior to joining Kofax, Giovanni covered key Sales roles in Dynatrace, BMC Software and EMC, helping customers to achieve their objectives in key areas like Digital Performance Management, Cloud Management, Business Service Management and Enterprise Content Management.

Enrico Calì

Founder and President of ONR.IA

Enrico has been Director of an important Public Company and since 2 years he is Senior Public Affairs Accountant for a Multinational Corporation. Due to his passion on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, he has decided to found in 2019 the non-profit Association Onria, a National Observatory aimed to create culture and spread the knowledge on the current and evolutionary status of robotics and AI, raising awareness among decision makers and National Institutions.

Frank Casale

Founder and CEO of IRPA AI and Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of ChoiceWORX

Building global ecosystems centered around outsourcing, robotic process automation (RPA) and, most recently, enterprise AI Platforms-as-a-Service, expertly applying sales and marketing savvy to monetize each sector, driving effective go-to-market initiatives and spearheading innovative win-win deals, Frank is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of ChoiceWORX, an intelligent automation software firm headquartered in New York City, aiming to revolutionize IT support and operations across industries through smart application of Artificial Intelligence, Mobility and the Cloud. He is also the Founder and CEO of The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) and The Outsourcing Institute (OI). IRPA AI was established in 2013 as an independent professional association and knowledge forum for buyers, sellers, influencers and analysts in the rapidly growing fields of robotic process automation, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Frank has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Financial Times, as well as on CNBC and CNN.

Vincenzo Cervino

Data Protection Officer of Groupama Assicurazioni

Vincenzo is passionate of innovation, new technologies and impact of digital transformation on business models. He is senior accountant with long career in financial and insurance sector. He has managed core projects bringing new business solutions and digital innovation. As Data Protection Officer, he is currently working on the new challenges of digital change.

Marco Contini

Insurance Business Advisor

Expert in Reorganization and Corporate Restructuring, Underwriting, Claims, Marketing Distribution, Insurtech, Marco is Blockchain Advisor for the development of the Blockchain in the Insurance Business in Europe. He is Advisor for Insurtech StartUps and International Law Firms to develop the insurance business in Italy and Europe. Advisor for Insurers, Reinsurers and large brokers in Europe to define & implement ad hoc strategies.

Diego De Simone

Founder of Botika

With 15 years of experience as Marketing Manager in different markets, from retail to company, Former Chief Innovation Officer of Banca di San Marino, Diego has lived between Italy, China and San Marino. He is Innovation Manager and Founder of Botika srl, a company which designs and provides ad hoc solutions, softwares and platforms based on the most performing AI technologies, in order to accelerate internal processes and business results.

Carmelo Di Franco

Chief Research Engineer of Aitronik SRL

Expert in designing safety critical components based on Machine Learning for autonomous vehicles, Carmelo was previously Post Doctoral Researcher at the AMR Lab of the University of Virginia. His research was focuses on Assured Autonomy (DARPA Project), Energy-Aware path planning of mobile robots, Localization, Human-robot interaction, and more in general on Autonomous systems. He is now a firmware/software Chief Engineer at Aitronik.

Pasquale Fedele

CEO of Liquidweb

CEO and founder of Liquidweb, a start-up company focused on life science and enterprise solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, mobile and pervasive technologies, Pasquale in 2017 received the award Knight Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.With a MBA and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, his research interests includes Artificial Intelligence, Assistive Technologies, Human-Machine Interaction, mobile services, virtual workspaces, smart environments and proactive contextual information systems. He has been Speaker at Frontiers of Interaction, TEDxRoma and eHealth 2.0.

Roberto Grattacaso

Chairman and Corporate Risk Manager of Alliance Group

Risk Manager of leading national and international companies, and Risk Manager of the 2019 Summer Universiade held in Naples, in recent years Roberto has concentrated his research in the risk profiling sector with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms, reaching the design and development of a highly innovative software in this area, together with APP for the customer experience, essential for the supply of the profiling software database.

Luca Heltai

Director of the Master in High Performance Computing (SISSA-ICTP)

Luca works at SISSA since 2007, is currently an Associate professor of Numerical Analysis, and his main research theme is the development of numerical methods and algorithms to solve biological, physiological, and industrial problems, modeled by partial differential equations. He develops open source tools for high performance computing. He contributed in setting up the Master in High Perfomance Computing and in Data Science and Scientific Computing.

Michele Iaselli

Lawyer & President of ANDIP

Lawyer, official of Ministry of Defence, tutor at Cassino University, President of National Association for Defence and Privacy (ANDIP), Michele is specialized in information-legal methodologies at the University of Federico II and responsible of privacy and new technologies for the magazine Altalex.

Rob King

Co-Founder & Director of Wzard Innovation Ltd

With over 25 years’ experience in helping organisations to deliver operational efficiency, new technology introduction, innovation and lean transformation, in October 2018 Rob published his first book, Digital Workforce, which provides a practical step by step guide to understanding and introducing RPA. He is a seasoned executive facilitator with deep experience in helping businesses to develop innovative solutions, troubleshoot problems, develop strategy and adopt new business models.

Vincenzo Marchica


Founder and CEO of Vincix Group, Vincenzo was an early adopter of RPA, he is one of the few people in the industry who can genuinely claim to have a fair decade of real-world RPA experience. He is an experienced professional, with a clear focus on solving business problems with technology. Leading Vincix Group, he is an early adopter and Innovator in the RPA industry.

Salvatore Palange

Founder of Fluel

Founder of Fluel Innovation for Business, a brand specialized in IT consultancy, SW development and innovation driven by AI, Salvatore has worked in the Sales and Marketing sectors. He has been Accountant for strategic & technological partnerships and CRM Director. He is graduated in Economics and owns an MBA from the BBS. He is passioned of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and full-stack development. He got various rewards in the CRM and Sales Support Systems.

Antonio Ruggiero

Digital Transformation Advisor of Microsoft

With two decades in the Information Technology Business, Antonio is focused on developing innovative projects for Banks, Insurances and Public Administration. He has worked in IBM where he was managing complex projects in sectors such as Finance, Travel&Transportation.
Since 2015 he works in Microsoft as Digital Advisor to design and develop ad hoc paths towards the digital transformation in terms of processes, technology upgrades, people. He witnesses the need for all big Enterprises to innovate, which is the only way to succeed in the near future.

Stefano Scotti

Assurance and Services Director of Huawei

Senior Executive with 25 years experiences in ICT Companies, Stefano has worked in Italtel and Alcatel, covering various managerial jobs and in Huawei Italia he has full responsibility for Assurance, Customer Support and Managed Services business including Sales, Revenues and P&L. Always informed of general business/economic developments and their impact to the clients, he is responsible for implementing and monitoring the core support processes, performance metrics, KPI and ensures the continued focus on improving the member experience and reducing costs.

Giacomo Tazzini

CEO of Erre Quadro SRL

Giacomo began his activity cooperating with the Pisa University on the application of NLP to animate and facilitate specific problem solving sessions. He then moved to Erre Quadro where he develops the marketing of AI solutions applied to the technical sector. He creates and designs customized solutions to combine cutting-edge software of computational linguistics with a sophisticated representation of technologies, in order to analyze various kinds of technical documentation with very high levels of reliability.

Michele Zanelli

Artificial Intelligence Observatory @PoliMI

Researcher @ Artificial Intelligence Observatory of Politecnico di Milano, Michele has studied the integration between RPA & AI starting from the analysis of several international Use Cases and developing frameworks to better understand this phenomenon. He is also experienced in IT Governance, and helps Companies to deliver Digital Innovation from an Organizational perspective.