RPA & AI 2020

Ready to become more creative, efficient and innovative

From theory to practice

June 12, 2020 in Milan

June 16, 2020 in Rome

June 18, 2020 in Naples

The Association RPA ITALY is organizing on 2020 the new Congress on RPA & AI, that will be held in three different locations to confirm the solid presence of the Association in Italy and to engage great experts coming from different regions.

Main targets of this triple event are:

  • being updated of the status of processes, products and services conceived to bring innovation in the RPA & AI business;
  • gathering more points of view and status of art from innovative and reputed experts and organizations, ready to support this epic change;
  • experiencing interactive sessions and workshops designed to facilitate the change and pick some key advantages for the business.

To support this mission, we will collect and offer a solid group of experts, speakers and entrapreneurs who are building or executing innovative projects, leveraging actual status of art and most promising technologies.

It will be an event also aimed to find new approaches, insights, ideas, business opportunities and partnerships to embrace the digital transformation led by the potentials of AI. To this purpose there will be key notes, panels, workshops and networking moments. to enter in contact with key actors in this field.

In this Congress we will specifically analyze the following topics:

  • Actual status of art of RPA & AI in our daily life and habits;
  • Tools and levers that are making such technologies become the most promising business opportunities for an efficient digital transformation, by investigating both short and long term actions;
  • Potential new business sectors that may further get benefits in the near future;
  • Proper path to build the «trust» during this epocal change;
  • Key steps to move forward, supported by specific interactive moments.

SPEAKERS (work in progress)

Diego De Simone

Founder of Botika

With 15 years of experience as Marketing Manager in different markets, from retail to company, Former Chief Innovation Officer of Banca di San Marino, Diego has lived between Italy, China and San Marino. He is Innovation Manager and Founder of Botika srl, a company which designs and provides ad hoc solutions, softwares and platforms based on the most performing AI technologies, in order to accelerate internal processes and business results.

Salvatore Palange

Founder of Fluel

Founder of Fluel Innovation for Business, a brand specialized in IT consultancy, SW development and innovation driven by AI, Salvatore has worked in the Sales and Marketing sectors. He has been Accountant for strategic & technological partnerships and CRM Director. He is graduated in Economics and owns an MBA from the BBS. He is passioned of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and full-stack development. He got various rewards in the CRM and Sales Support Systems.