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Vincix Group

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Every Enterprise, Company, Association may become a Member

RPA ITALY is proud to offer a tailored membership package to every Enterprise or Company (the “Member”) that is willing to support the Association in its growth, as a Partner, and at same time reinforce its marketing strategy, visibility and presence in Italy, supported by RPA ITALY.

RPA ITALY will offer to every Member enhanced visibility through its social channels, website and other means in order to promote the Member according to the agreed membership package. At same time the Member shall contribute to the growth of the Association by adding value through its own background and channels.

The membership has the validity of 1 year

The membership starts every beginning of a new year, it is non-exclusive and RPA ITALY may offer the same opportunity to other Competitors of the Member, in order to maintain its own impartial profile and allow every other Company to get visibility in Italy.

During the validity of each membership, the Member explicitly authorizes RPA ITALY to publish its name, use its logo and promote its products and services, if applicable, according to its membership purpose.

Every membership contribution will be quantified based on the actual requestor needs

Memberships with any Association (non profit, as we are) are free of charge.

Typical membership benefits offered to every Company are:

  • A number of invites to the Conventions arranged by the Association during the year;
  • A number of articles per year to be posted on our BLOG section and promoted in our social channels (contents shall be pre-approved by the Association);
  • Be supported by the Association during its own journey to RPA & AI implementations, where RPA ITALY will act as a bridge between the Member and specific experts, sources, Companies that will actively support the Company: RPA ITALY will be the guarantor for a fair approach among all parties involved;
  • Keep the priority to become speaker to a round table or panel during one Convention (additional fees may be required);
  • Keep the priority to become the HOST of specific events arranged by the Association at specific locations selected by the Company (additional fees may be required);
  • Be chosen as a preferred source or counterpart in case of occasional interactions with other Enterprises and if specific skills offered by the Company should be deemed useful (at no additional fee, solid references shall be provided).

For more details please contact us!