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October 6, 2020 in Milan

The Association RPA ITALY is organizing on 2020 the 1st Congress on Internet of Things. The Congress will be held in Milan on October 6. It has been decided to launch this Congress focused on IoT for various reasons.

All RPA projects rely on data and the most of such data are digitally generated by computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) or sensors: IoT  is about a network of things interacting with one another. And RPA is about optimizing and automating tasks and processes that may be intended to also regulate and govern the above said interactions. Both IoT and RPA eventually identify an unique ecosystem that may be innovated within the broader digital transformation.

Whenever Enterprises work on data and relevant processes and tasks, they may face same type of issues, such us data protection, cyber security, analytics, connectivity: all these topics are cross-functional to the IoT and RPA businesses, therefore it is worth to give a comprehensive overview of IoT, linked to RPA and AI too.

Finally, the latter, AI, is aimed to move from smart connected devices to artificially intelligent things, services and experiences: connected things can signal their environment, be remotely monitored, controlled and increasingly make decisions and take actions on their own. The real value happens when devices learn from their specific use and from each other. It happens when devices can adapt, change behaviour over time and tune their responses based on what they learn. Therefore, when we think IoT, we shall not forget the AI, that is the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT). And AI is also about machine learning and cognitive RPA in future, key to move from deterministic to decisional type approach, same as we are willing to get from IoT.

RPA ITALY is honoured to offer a unique approach to investigate all such points at the IoT 2020 Congress.


Barcelò Milan

Via Giorgio Stephenson, 55

20157 Milano (MI)

Tel. 0039 02 3328 6111


MEDIA PARTNERS (work in progress)

SPONSORS (work in progress)

SPEAKERS (work in progress)

Emiliano Anceschi

Chief Innovation Manager of Gruppo Filippetti

Innovation Manager with more than 15 years of experience in digital transformation, technology advisor and architect of complex infrastructures for IoT Solutions in enterprise High-tech companies.
Emiliano is responsible for the company’s strategical activities. He used to be Senior Developer, Pre-sales manager and Channel Manager in Kelyan S.p.A, Bu Manager IoT, Innovation Manager in Filippetti Group. He has good skills in designing IT solutions, developing and testing software solutions.

Nicoletta Boldrini

Journalist and Expert of Digital Innovation

Nicoletta, former editor in chief of AI4Business and ZeroUno, Digital360 Group, has a very good knowledge of digital economy and new ICT technologies, used to deal with cloud computing, social business, big data and business analytics, next generation business applications, mobile, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems and Blockchain.

Elisabetta Bracci

Founder & Network Manager @ JUMP Facility

Consultant, trainer, keynote speaker, expert in smart service & smart building, after gaining a solid national and international experience in facility management and digitalization, Elisabetta has founded JUMP Facility, a network of professionals and companies aimed to be a strategic partner for services’ digitalization and productivity. Elisabetta collaborates with Associations, Universities and with the Italian UNI Regulatory Body, fostering a human-driven digital transformation.

Antonio Conati Barbaro

Chief Operative Officer of Alleantia

With almost thirty years experience in software, telecommunication networks, services, high tech companies, Antonio is a highly experienced tech professional managing Alleantia Operations, so called the Company’s Deus Ex Machina. He has a long and successful track record in Information & Communication Technology, startup launch and development, creation and management of new and existing business units, technology consulting and system integration, having gathered several experiences with Telco and Large Corporates in Media sectors, Finance, Utilities in Italy, US, France, Greece and other countries.

Marco Contini

Insurance Business Advisor

Expert in Reorganization and Corporate Restructuring, Underwriting, Claims, Marketing Distribution, Insurtech, Marco is Blockchain Advisor for the development of the Blockchain and Smart Contracts, by also leveraging the IoT, He is Advisor for Insurtech StartUps and International Law Firms to develop the insurance business in Italy and Europe. Advisor for Insurers, Reinsurers and large brokers in Europe to define & implement ad hoc strategies.

Vincenzo Cortese

Operations Manager of Sirti SPA

With an Electronic Engineering degree, Vincenzo was project manager in the Ultra Broadband project in Sicily for TIM. He led the evolution of the New Generation Access Network in Sicily and the development of the fiber optic network according to FTTH (Fiber To The Home) architecture. He is now Head of Program Office & Governance for the operations at SIRTI, Councilor of AEIT (Italian Association of Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation, Information and Telecommunications) and Deputy member of the Steering Committee of Fitce (Fédération des Ingénieurs des Télécommunications de la Communauté Européenne) for Italy. He has broad expertise on ultrabroadband networks (5G and fiber optics) and IoT / Smart City.

Giovanni Iovino

Senior SW Designer and Developer of INTECS

Giovanni works as senior software designer and software developer for Intecs Solutions s.p.a. He was the technical project manager of the “Intelligent Cooperative Sensing for Improved traffic efficiency” (ICSI) FP7 European research project related to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Recently he led the design of the system architecture of TIMON, an H2020 project related to ITS, working also on the design and implementation of the data-distribution system adopted in the project. For Intecs Solutions he works in Automotive, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

Vincenzo Marchica


Founder and CEO of Vincix Group, Vincenzo was an early adopter of RPA, he is one of the few people in the industry who can genuinely claim to have a fair decade of real-world RPA experience. He is an experienced professional, with a clear focus on solving business problems with technology. He is an early adopter and Innovator in the RPA industry and expert of complex data driven tasks, often generated by IoT devices and related eco-system.

Agostino Marengo

Co-founder of OSEL

Agostino is researcher on Training Innovation, consultant in HR Tech development and in digital training. He is co-Founder and Owner of OSEL, a Company specialized in e-learning. He always invests in people, being by nature convinced that their growth would have been his growth. He is passioned of digital revolution and is studying the impacts of robotics in the work environment.

Marcello Marino

IoT Business Development Manager of Unidata

Electrical Engineer, in the role of IoT Business Development Manager, Marcello is responsible of the IoT Business Unit in Unidata, advocating and influencing the adoption of Unidata IoT solutions based on the innovative LoRaWAN® technology, through a flexible approach focused on the two main pillars of the whole Unidata IoT proposition: UniWAN and UniOrchestra. He can claim two decades of career spent in several roles at Intel; the last two years in the biggest chip maker company were entirely dedicated to a smart home project, allowing the development of his IoT knowledge.

Marco Massenzi

CEO of Teleconsys

Electronic engineer, specialized in Automation and Bio-engineering, with over 20 years experience in innovation and ICT, Marco has occupied managerial roles in consultancy companies and large system integrators operating in the government, telco, defense, aerospace, homeland & cyber security and energy sectors. Expert in open innovation, digital transformation and industry 4.0, today he is also an advisor of the Marzotto Venture Accelerator, Capitol One Euveca Sicaf and a member of the board of the Lazio Digital Innovation Hub Cicero.

Roberto Minerdo

Expert of Power and sustainable mobility

With various decades of experience in the Power and Environment Sectors, having covered executive roles as Senior Consultant (Sorgenia SpA, Cofely SpA, Rina SpA) and Officer (Eviva SpA, Metaenergia SpA), Roberto is national expert of electrical/micro mobility and has led various innovative projects in the field of Smart Cities, sustainable technologies, green and circular economy

Gabriele Montelisciani

Co-founder and CEO of ZERYNTH

Entrepreneur and Innovation Management expert, Gabriele is the Co-Founder and CEO at Zerynth, a disruptive hi-tech venture in the Internet of Things field. With a Ph.D in Management Engineering, he helps startups and SMEs to innovate business models and digitize operations.

Manuele Monti

CEO of Techbricks

Manuele is chartered Italian Innovation Manager and the CEO and Founder of Techbricks, a Venture Builder and Tech Lab active in disruptive technology business integration in IoT, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence. C-RPA, Computing Vision and Blockchain. He holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Engineering with specialization in Mathematical Modelling and High Performance Computing from the University of Leicester (UK). He has 14+ years’ experience in quantitative modelling, computational research and innovation management, especially in FinTech, EnerTech and other IndustryX.

Raffaele Napoli

CEO of Smartway

Raffaele is a professional focused on offering solutions that improve the workplace experience thanks to the use of innovative technologies. Through the Smartway, it manages Spacewell f32Smart Building, a cloud platform that, leveraging on the use of sensors, AI and data analysis, is able to create cognitive buildings able to improve efficiency and the well-being of those who work there, positively impacting the ROI.

Pierluigi Paganini

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cybaze SpA

Actually Extraordinary Professor and Cyber Security Master Director of Link Campus University, member of Landscape Stakeholder Group ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security), Pierluigi is Consultant of SIPAF – MEF and his blog Security Affairs is considered one of the first 5 worldwide on cyber security. He wrote various books, last one being “Digging the Deep Web: Exploring the dark side of the web”.

Andrea Penza

President & Managing Director of Intratel SRL

Graduated in Electronic Enginering, with 35 years of experience in ICT & Telco matters, former Director in Alcatel and Ericsson, dealing with advanced wireless and wireline technologies,
Andrea frequently gives seminars on ICT matters to different Academic Bodies and regulatory Institutions. He is Data Protection Officer (DPO) and indicated in KHC official Register. He has performed many training activities on the new European Regulation for the personal data treatment (GDPR) and carries out assessment activities for industrial companies and public Institutions.

Michael Prisco

Founder and managing partner of Fair Winds Digital

Expert of IT and Technological Innovation, Micheal has been Officer in various Start Up Companies, specialized in providing complex HW/SW solutions designed for the IoT sector. As Head of Innovation, he has conceived and coordinated the Open Innovation Program «IoT labs» with 9 Italian Universities. Since 2017 he is Associate and GM of Fair Winds Digital, and he has designed IoT Catalyst, the first Edge Application Manager for the IoT.

Giulio Salvadori

Director of Osservatori Internet of Things, Smart & Connected Car, Politecnico di Milano

Since 2013 Giulio is dealing with research activities on digital markets within the Digital Innovation Observatories. In particular, today he is Director of the Internet of Things and Smart & Connected Car Observatories and also responsible of managing the relations with more than 100 companies belonging to the community of the Observatory. In his professional experience, beyond the research, he has carried out advisory activities in the Internet of Things area, for both public and private companies, and tutoring for several innovative startups.

Giusy Tomarchio

Business Development Manager of STMicroelectronics

With 20 years of experience in STMicroelectronics in different roles and positions interacting with the main Staff functions (Product Lines, R&D, Operations, Sales & Marketing) and dealing with innovative and transformation programs in the domain of Supply Chain and Sales & Marketing, in the last years Giusy spent the latest 5 years in ST System and Research Application focusing to enforce the system engineering capability of the Company through a framework of collaboration among several application teams located in Europe, Asia, America acquiring knowledge on industrial market in the areas of motor control, digital power, connectivity, sensors and IoT architecture.

Luca Tufarelli

ICT Lawyer

Lawyer specialised in Information Technology, Luca gained his experience providing his knowledge for various and complex structures operating in the 4.0 industry such as electronics, telco, IoT and cybersecurity. He is a strong supporter of dematerialization of business processes both in public and private sectors and offers his experience on issues related to technology law and corporate compliance. He is currently assisting leading market operators in the preparation of new lines of business based on IoT applied to the automotive, smart devices and embedded products.

Lorna Vatta

Executive Director of ARTES 4.0

With 20 years long experience in the machinery and mechatronic business, with Ingersoll Rand and Fabio Perini – Koerber Industries, specialized in strategy and technology, change management and business management, Lorna has planned, executed and managed strategic acquisitions and technological JV. She graduated in Industrial Engineering at University Politecnico di Milano and got her MBA in Manchester from the Manchester Business School program and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. She has managed a consultancy company specialized in Lean Six Sigma, has worked with Deloitte Digital and, as an entrepreneur, has been at the forefront of industrial digital start-ups, mainly in the Milan and Pisa innovation districts.

Gianluca Venere

Head of IoT BU at SECO spa

With an Executive MBA and over 14 years of proven experience leading multinational teams in the context of embedded electronics, Gianluca developed a deep knowledge of the market and technology trends, able to anticipate market changes and manage new growth opportunities, collaborating with cross-functional teams of the entire supply chain, from suppliers and R&D to sales and customer service, in order to achieve corporate goals. Working with SECO since 2006, he moved from a technical to a managerial role, acquiring the necessary skills to improve product performance, evaluate market coverage, manage demand generation and institutional relationships with stakeholders.

Giovanni Viani

Head of Smartik

Giovanni matured his experience in a variety of industries: telco, electronics, digital and finance, in business roles.  He is a certified Industry 4.0 Innovation Manager, supporting companies on business and technology decisions, as well as connecting enterprises to start-ups.  Today he is the head of Smartik, the ultimate IOT solution, offering a combination of sensors, network and platform for an innovative full-fledged, end-to-end business & industry service.

Alessandro Vizzarri

Adjunct Professor at University of Roma Tor Vergata

Graduated in Electronic Engineer from University of Bologna, PhD in Telecommunication Engineering and Microelectronics from University of Rome Tor Vergata, actually Professor of “Radio Spectrum Management” at University of Roma Tor Vergata, Alessandro worked for many years as Consultant Engineer and Manager for Telecom Operators, Equipment Vendors and Multinational Consultancy Companies operating in ICT market with particular focus on Wireless Networks, Broadcast Networks, Fixed and Mobile Networks convergence, Digital Transmissions, Multimedia Systems, Program Management. He is General Secretary of AICT (Italian Association of Telecommunication Engineers).