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The Top RPA&AI Contributors by RPA ITALY

We are glad to share the following list of top #RPA and #AI#Contributors in the entire RPA ecosystem, as a result of our internal survey. The following experts are sorted by alphabetical order:✔️ Ian Barkin, for his podcast OneTake and coordination of digital innovation✔️ Pascal BORNET, for his broad experience and competencies in digital transformation✔️ Emily Bristow, for her support in promoting…
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RPA and IoT are digital friends

As we know, RPA technology enables companies to automate manual processes across the enterprises using software robots, in turn reducing human error, saving money on labor and applying human intelligence where added value is. RPA is therefore a disruptive trend in digital transformation because it’s fairly fast and easy to implement, with almost immediate outcomes…
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GARTNER, Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

As organizations look for ways to improve operational efficiency and integrate legacy systems with new enterprise applications and digital business, robotic process automation continues to grow its footprint. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers a proven solution for enterprises that are burdened by inefficiencies and challenges associated with legacy business systems and people-intensive processes. Many organizations…
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RPA In Healthcare Market will grow at a CAGR of above 20%

Forecast period 2025 The market for RPA in Healthcare is driven by increasing demand to automate claims and process management. Claims Management Clinical Documentation Billing and Compliance Management Appointment Scheduling Workflow Management Claims management segment is estimated to hold the largest market share in 2019 and will continue this trend during the forecast period 2019–2025.…
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The RPA global market? Still unexplored territories

A recent Forrester’s research indicates that the massive growth in RPA services was a result not only of organisations adopting RPA as a cost mitigation strategy, but because automation was regarded as critical to the implementation of broader digital transformation efforts. It is confirmed that the move from analogue to digital is surely enabled by…
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As RPA evolves, humans will increasingly take a back seat

RPA is starting to automate things that were not feasible five to 10 years ago. The first wave of RPA required process experts to understand what processes could be automated, as well as special coding skills to script the bots. This is currently where a lot of the RPA solutions are generating revenues today. The…
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Robotic Process Automation, un mercato miliardario

Secondo l’ultimo studio di Gartner, il mercato mondiale del software per la Robotic Process Automation è cresciuto del 63% nel 2018, con la previsione che raggiunga un valore di 1,3 miliardi di dollari nel 2019. Questa incremento nel 2018 del 63,1%, ha fatto diventare quello del software di Robotic Process Automation (RPA) il segmento in più rapida crescita del mercato globale di…
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Automation Anywhere: Letting humans be humans with Robotic Process Automation

The world of work is filled with too many mundane, repetitive tasks. Automation Anywhere wants to remove the robotic parts of most people’s daily jobs with RPA. Imagine your most tedious or mundane rule task at work: then imagine a robot could do it for you. This is the magic behind the emerging technology practice…
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Appian announces Google AI and RPA integration for ‘no-code’ platform

Low-code enterprise vendor Appian has integrated Google AI services into its app-building platform, with the goal of making AI capabilities “drag and drop” for its customers. Speaking at the Appian World event this week in San Diego, CEO Matt Calkins buried the announcement amidst a melange of others during his opening keynote yesterday. The idea is that by…
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RPA journey has yet to start in multiple sectors and regions: don’t minimize RPA impact yet!

In the last months there have been some rumors that RPA is going to be replaced by Integrated Automation which is the most promising and best path to fully transform the way to make business, curing and covering entire end-to-end processes of whatever complexity or so, embedding additional Artificial Intelligence benefits. Nevertheless an extensive use…
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