Automation Anywhere: Letting humans be humans with Robotic Process Automation

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The world of work is filled with too many mundane, repetitive tasks. Automation Anywhere wants to remove the robotic parts of most people’s daily jobs with RPA.

Imagine your most tedious or mundane rule task at work: then imagine a robot could do it for you. This is the magic behind the emerging technology practice of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With RPA, businesses can automate dull, rules-based business processes, like data entry, allowing employees to focus on the bigger picture – serving customers or other value-adding work.

One firm that’s quickly becoming synonymous with RPA is California-headquartered Automation Anywhere. Touting itself as the world’s most widely deployed RPA platform, the firm aims to help companies achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency by liberating employees from mundane, repetitive tasks. Today it seems that, in many ways, the California-headquartered firm has all the hallmarks of being an RPA titan: in November 2019, the firm accrued a valuation of US$2.6bn after nabbing $300mn in funding from Japanese conglomerate Softbank, and the firm’s bots are currently used by leading industry giants including Unilever, Google, LinkedIn and Cisco.