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The Association RPA Italy was born with the Mission to promote and spread all main subjects of Digital Transformation in Italy, such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things.

To achieve its Mission, the Association is focused on arranging its own Congresses and Events and providing adequate services to all Associates in order to reach the excellence in the RPA and AI sector and explore new market opportunities with professional approach and strong identity. In the last few months our Association is further exploring the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, which is strumental and cross-functional to the expansion of RPA and AI technologies.

RPA Italy aims to become National Reference Point for all System Integrators, Vendors and Buyer, and to act as a Hallmark that shall identify and support all key actors available in the National Territory of ITALY.

Vincenzo Marchica, RPA Italy President
Vincenzo Marchica, President

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Main benefits of RPA

  1. Better quality – through the elimination of human intervention on all repetitive tasks, in order to obtain results with ZERO mistakes.
  2. Better efficiency and productivity – through the gain of additional working time to be re-used on more added value actiivities.
  3. Better scalability and flexibility – through the acceleration of processes and execution, increasing the ability to manage higher work peaks.
  4. Better Customer’s service – through the elimination of critical points, optimizing all interactions and response times.
  5. Higher motivation for the staff – allowing the staff to work on activities that are intellectually much more stimulating and satisfactory.
  6. New Ideas – through a better and rationalized visibility that would enable the generation of innovative approaches to all processes and business.